Duct Design Software


(This page is currently under some very limited construction.)

(but letís be honest Ė thereís not going to be much happening here since Ted got a phone in 2020 & went mobile! Check out the app on Google Play)

If you still want to run this on a PC, click here for a free download of duckTED v1.02 (from 2005)



This ZIP file is around 2MB & contains duckTEDís setup files and the latest duckTED User Manual. Please read (or at least flick through) the manual - I wrote it for a reason.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions:


This software was created some years ago now, by a younger engineer, with a plan for it to be adapted to applications other than duct sizing (eg: pipe sizing). I don't have the time or resources at the moment to market and support this software, but there's a lot more that can be done.

Iím still regularly asked for a copy, so have put it here to help out. Please download this version for free.

If you're interested in helping to develop the software further, please let me know.